Narrow Woven Fabrics & Multi Filament Yarns

Century Steel Industry is a part of Kedia group of industries.

The group is into various diversified activities ranging from from import of tin mill products to manufacturing of polypropylene webbings.

The brief introduction of different companies under the group is as follow

Kedia group of Industries

Tinplates / Edible oil packaging / Narrow woven fabrics

Century Steel


The company is Consignment and Forwarding agent for The Tinplate Company of India Ltd

(TATA Steel-Tinplate Division) for complete Haryana from last 28 Years and is also into the imports of Tin Mill products from Italy and USA.

# Century Steel Industries-

Introduction of the companies :

 Details of group    of companies

The group is involved in various diversified activities including imports of tin mill products and as part of packaging industry by manufacturing edible oil packaging for desi ghee and edible oil manufacturers and also as the consignment agent for The Tinplate company of India limited and manufacturing of polypropylene multi filaments and narrow woven fabrics.

Steel to chemical textiles

Diversified activities
What is tinplate ?

Electrolytic Tinplate undoubtedly enjoys the pride of place as a packaging medium especially for food. It owes its unique position to its "nine layer sandwich structure", each of which contributes to its eminence as a packing material. The steel base provides the necessary strength and formability for can fabrication.

Narrow woven fabrics / Webbing ?

Webbing is a strong fabric woven as a flat strip or tube of varying width and fibres often used in place of rope. The name webbing comes from the meshed material frequently used in its construction, which resembles a web.It is a versatile component used in climbing, slacklining, furniture manufacturing, automobile safety, auto racing, towing, parachuting, military apparel, load securing, and many other fields.

Multi Filaments yarns ?

Multi filament yarns have multiple industrial purposes like Woven Geo Textiles, Industrial & Filter Fabrics, Narrow Woven Fabric or Webbing, Sewing Thread for PP woven Sack Manufacturing, Bag closing thread etc

Is a new venture of the group involved in manufacturing of Multi filament yarns   and Narrow woven fabrics under the brand name of Cplast

# Century Steel Industries (Plastic Division)

The company is into manufacturind of packing for desi ghee and edible oil from last 31 years and have been supplying its products to all the leading ghee and edible oil manufacturers of India like Amul,Paras,Gopal jii etc

# Haryana Tin Manufacturing Company-