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Poly Propylene Narrow Woven Fabrics or Webbings manufactured under the brand name Cplast are manufactured from 100 % Prime quality material making them high in durability. strength, longevity and color consistency.

Our Narrow Woven Fabrics or PP Webbing/ Tapes available within the width range of 10 mm to 100 mm. There are different patterns and designs you can choose from. Our clients also have the freedom to customize their own designs if they wish to do so

Polypropylene webbing

PP Niwar

School Bag belts

Century Steel Industries (Plastic Division) is one of India's leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Narrow Woven Fabrics and Multi filament Yarns under the brand name of Cplast.

With the ability and capacity to produce and deliver large quantities of excellent high quality Multi Filaments Yarns & Narrow Woven Fabrics CS Industries is equipped with fully automatic imported plants to cater to the multiple requirements of both their international and domestic clients with ease, competence and efficiency

Details of products manufactures by Century Steel Industries

(Plastic Division)


Narrow woven


PP Niwar and Tapes

Narrow woven Fabrics & Multi Filaments yarns

Multi Filament Yarns / FDY Yarns

We specialize in the manufacturing of high tenacity Poly Propylene Multi filament yarns for multiple industrial purposes like Woven Geo Textiles, Industrial & Filter Fabrics, Narrow Woven Fabric or Webbing, Sewing Thread for PP woven Sack Manufacturing, Bag closing thread etc

Industrial Yarns

FDY Yarns

Multi filament yarns


# Travel Bags-School Bags, Back Packs, Duffel Bags

# Seat and safety belts

# Luggage Industries

# Military- Bedding, Trucks and Cartridge Belts

# Straps, Belts and Dog Leashes

# Soft Furnishing Fabrics.

# Safety jackets

# Waist belt

# Helmet belts

# Footwear straps


All weaving patterns available